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This is an archive of the Commission of Inquiry on Hormone Receptor Testing website, which was last updated in April 2009
and will not be updated further. If you have difficulty accessing any material, please contact the Department of Justice.


Exhibit Listing

Public Exhibit In Camera Exhibit Description of Exhibit Date Entered into Evidence Witness / Counsel Entered Under
P-1400   Letter dated February 8, 2006 from Dr. Beverley Carter to Dr. Don Cook regarding Notice of Resignation  22-May-08 Oscar Howell
P-1401   Memo dated September 29, 2006 from Dr. Robert Williams to Dr. Oscar Howell regarding Medical Staff Bylaws 22-May-08 Oscar Howell
P-1402   Email dated October 26, 2006 (11:47 AM) from Denise Dunn to Michelle Gregory regarding FW Another Issue with ER/PR 22-May-08 Oscar Howell
P-1403   Email dated November 7, 2006 (2:51 PM) from Joyce Penney to Denise Dunn regarding ER PR Presentation to Executive 21 November 2006 22-May-08 Oscar Howell
P-1404   CANCELED EXHIBIT 22-May-08 Oscar Howell
P-1405   Email dated November 9, 2006 (10:19 AM) from Denise Dunn to Gary Baker; Lydia Ash; Kweku Dankwa; skhan@penninsulas.ca regarding ER and PR Testing, Eastern Experience  22-May-08 Oscar Howell
P-1406   ER PR Presentations dated November 2006  22-May-08 Oscar Howell
P-1407   Email dated November 23, 2006 (12:11 PM) from Heather Predham to Susan Bonnell; Leona Barrington; Oscar Howell regarding Briefing Note to Minister of Health  22-May-08 Oscar Howell
P-1408   Email dated November 24, 2006 (5:01 PM) from Leona Barrington to George Tilley; Oscar Howell; Heather Predham; Susan Bonnell; Nebojsa Denic; Sharon Smith; Pat Pilgrim; Kara Laing regarding CBC Here and Now  22-May-08 Oscar Howell
P-1409   Email dated December 11, 2006 (9:10 PM) from Tansy Mundon to Tom Osborne; Moira Hennessey; John Abbott; Darrell Hynes regarding Eastern Health Releases Outcome of Laboratory Review  22-May-08 Oscar Howell
P-1410   Estrogen and Progesterone Testing Media Technical Briefing dated December 11, 2006  22-May-08 Oscar Howell
P-1411   CANCELED EXHIBIT 22-May-08 Oscar Howell
P-1412   Undated Draft Key Messages 22-May-08 Oscar Howell
P-1413   CANCELED EXHIBIT 22-May-08 Oscar Howell
P-1414   Letter dated March 21, 2007 from Dr. Nebojsa Denic to John Abbott copy to Ross Wiseman and Oscar Howell regarding Possible Loss of a Breast Pathology Specialist 22-May-08 Oscar Howell
P-1415   Letter dated April 2, 2007 from John Abbott to Dr. Nebojsa Denic copy to Dr. Oscar Howell regarding Possible Loss of a Breast Pathology Specialist  22-May-08 Oscar Howell
P-1416   Eastern Health Statement of Statistics dated February and March 2006 22-May-08 Oscar Howell
P-1417   Handwritten Notes Entitled ER PR Numbers, Email dated May 16, 2007 (4:25 PM) from Susan Bonnell to George Tilley; Stephen Dodge; Oscar Howell regarding Private and Confidential, ER PR Key Messages and ER PR Media Technical Briefing Q and A's  22-May-08 Oscar Howell
P-1418   Email dated June 20, 2007 (10:34 AM) from Heather Predham to Oscar Howell, Pat Pilgrim, Pam Elliott, Nebojsa Denic, Terry Gulliver copy to Sharon Smith, Donald Cook, Kara Laing, Barry Dyer regarding Interrogatories to Heather Predham (PRINTED)  22-May-08 Oscar Howell
P-1419   Email dated July 10, 2007 (8:39 AM) from Reza Alaghehbandan to Reza Alaghehbandan regarding Fw ER PR Database Request  22-May-08 Oscar Howell
P-1420   Letter dated September 19, 2007 from Drs Joy McCarthy, Kara Laing, Alan Kwan, M Zulifqar, P Ganguly to Marian Crowley copy to Louise Jones, Pat Pilgrim, Sharon Smith, Oscar Howell, Pam Elliott, Nancy Wadden, Nancy Parsons, Heather Predham, Greg Doyle regarding Letter Sent to Patients and Families August 16, 2007 22-May-08 Oscar Howell
P-1421   Undated Eastern Health Authority Crisis Communications Briefing Note  22-May-08 Oscar Howell
P-1422   Excerpts from the 2006 Notebook of Dr. Oscar Howell 22-May-08 Oscar Howell
P-1423   Excerpts from the 2007 Notebook of Dr. Oscar Howell 22-May-08 Oscar Howell
P-1424   Excerpts from the 2008 Notebook of Dr. Oscar Howell 22-May-08 Oscar Howell