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This is an archive of the Commission of Inquiry on Hormone Receptor Testing website, which was last updated in April 2009
and will not be updated further. If you have difficulty accessing any material, please contact the Department of Justice.


Exhibit Listing

Public Exhibit In Camera Exhibit Description of Exhibit Date Entered into Evidence Witness / Counsel Entered Under
P-1687   1998 Accreditation Recommendations Document Section I - Clinical Care  19-Jun-08 Rick Singleton
P-1688   Email dated May 30, 2006 (3:43 PM) from Rick Singleton to Denise Dunn regarding Ethics Discussion  19-Jun-08 Rick Singleton
P-1689   Email dated June 7, 2006 (9:36 AM) from Heather Predham to Rick Singleton; Lorraine Woolgar regarding Ethics Case  19-Jun-08 Rick Singleton
P-1690   Susan Bonnell's Calendar for September 2006  19-Jun-08 Rick Singleton
P-1691   Email dated May 23, 2007 (12:51 PM) from Heather Predham to Pam Elliott regarding Ethics Review  19-Jun-08 Rick Singleton
P-1692   Email dated May 23, 2007 (2:01 PM) from John Rumboldt to Heather Predham copy to Moira Hennessey; Tansy Mundon regarding Ethics Review  19-Jun-08 Rick Singleton
P-1693   George Tilley's Calendar for May 2007 19-Jun-08 Rick Singleton
P-1694   Richard C. Singleton Curriculum Vitae 19-Jun-08 Rick Singleton


Rick Singleton Handwritten Notes.PDF


Rick Singleton


Rick Singleton Ethics Consultation Service November 2002.PDF


Rick Singleton