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This is an archive of the Commission of Inquiry on Hormone Receptor Testing website, which was last updated in April 2009
and will not be updated further. If you have difficulty accessing any material, please contact the Department of Justice.


Exhibit Listing

Public Exhibit In Camera Exhibit Description of Exhibit Date Entered into Evidence Witness / Counsel Entered Under
P-1568   Additional Excerpts from the Textbook entitled Diagnostic Immunhistochemistry by David J. Dabbs, MD (published 2002) 05-Jun-08 Gershon Ejeckam 
P-1498   Position Paper Prepared for Steve Dodge by Susan Bonnell Revised May 26, 2006 Entitled The Case for Integrated, Strategic Communications:  Applying a Strategic Communications Model for Eastern Health   05-Jun-08 Carolyn Chaplin
P-1499   Proposal for a Crisis Communications Plan Submitted to Eastern Health Authority by Bristol Group Incorporated dated February 9, 2007  05-Jun-08 Carolyn Chaplin
P-1507   Letter dated June 12, 2007 from Carolyn Chaplin to Susan Bonnell regarding Proposal for the Development of a Recovery Strategy for Eastern Health  05-Jun-08 Carolyn Chaplin
P-1509   A Crisis Communications Action Plan for Executive Team dated September 12. 2007 Entitled Acknowledging and Addressing the Issues: Eastern Health's Path to Recovery prepared for Steve Dodge by Susan Bonnell  05-Jun-08 Carolyn Chaplin
P-1530   Email dated July 20, 2005 (5:27 PM) from Susan Bonnell to abbhan, Stephanie Power, George Tilley, Dr. Robert Williams, Dr. Donald Cook, Denise Dunn, Terry Gulliver, Deborah Thomas, Carolyn Chaplin regarding ER PR Issue 05-Jun-08 Carolyn Chaplin
P-1531   Email dated September 30, 2005 (12:55 PM) from Tansy Mundon to Carolyn Chaplin regarding Heads up Eastern Health Issue 05-Jun-08 Carolyn Chaplin
P-1532   Email dated October 25, 2005 (3:48 PM) from Deborah Thomas-Pennell to Susan Bonnell regarding media 05-Jun-08 Carolyn Chaplin
P-1533   Cabinet Directive dated November 4, 2005 regarding New Drug Therapy Treatments 05-Jun-08 Carolyn Chaplin
P-1534   Letter dated April 8, 2008 from Rolf Pritchard to Sandra Chaytor, Q.C. and Bernard Coffey, Q.C. 05-Jun-08 Carolyn Chaplin
P-1566   Eastern Health Draft Communications Approach prepared by Bristol Communications January 2008 05-Jun-08 Carolyn Chaplin