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This is an archive of the Commission of Inquiry on Hormone Receptor Testing website, which was last updated in April 2009
and will not be updated further. If you have difficulty accessing any material, please contact the Department of Justice.


Exhibit Listing

Public Exhibit In Camera Exhibit Description of Exhibit Date Entered into Evidence Witness / Counsel Entered Under
P-1889   Letter dated February 27, 1997 (3:45 PM) from Dr. Mahmoud Khalifa to Terry Gulliver copy to Dr. Haegert and Mr. Whelan  03-Jul-08 Donald Cook
P-1893   Contract between Health Care Corporation of St. John's and DAKO Diagnostics Canada Incorporated signed May 27, 1998 by Terry Gulliver and Susan Tanguay, General Manager  03-Jul-08 Donald Cook
P-1898   Chores as Site Chief Provided by Dr. Mahmoud Khalifa dated April 19, 1999 03-Jul-08 Donald Cook
P-2144   Letter dated February 11, 2002 from Roy Romanow, Commissioner to Sandip SenGupta, President Canadian Association of Pathologists  03-Jul-08 Donald Cook
P-2145   Letter dated October 30, 2001 from Sandip SenGupta to Roy Romanow, Commissioner regarding Submission to the Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada 03-Jul-08 Donald Cook
P-2146   Various Records Received from Dr. Donald Cook regarding Pathology Workload Study dated July 11, 2007 03-Jul-08 Donald Cook
P-2147   Handwritten Notes of Barry Dyer dated May 17, 2005 regarding ER/PR issue 03-Jul-08 Donald Cook