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This is an archive of the Commission of Inquiry on Hormone Receptor Testing website, which was last updated in April 2009
and will not be updated further. If you have difficulty accessing any material, please contact the Department of Justice.


Exhibit Listing

Public Exhibit In Camera Exhibit Description of Exhibit Date Entered into Evidence Witness / Counsel Entered Under
P-2617   Article of Tissue Estrogen and Progesterone Receptor Levels A Survey of Current Practice, Techniques, and Quantitation Methods 16-Sep-08 Kara Laing
P-2619   Review article from the European Journal of Cancer, Volume 34, No. 11, pp. 1677-1682, 1998 entitled Increased Use of Immunohistochemistry for Oestrogen Receptor Measurement in Mammary Carcinoma:  the Need for Quality Assurance 16-Sep-08 David Dabbs
P-2618   August 18, 2008 to August 26, 2008 Email Exchange between Daniel Simmons and Sandra Chaytor regarding List of 22 Patients 16-Sep-08 Kara Laing
P-2631   Physician Panel Meeting Minutes for December 10, 2007 16-Sep-08 Kara Laing
P-2632   Physician Panel Meeting Minutes for January 28, 2008 16-Sep-08 Kara Laing
P-2633   Physician Panel Meeting Minutes for June 5, 2008 16-Sep-08 Kara Laing
P-2634   Physician Panel Meeting Minutes for July 18, 2008 16-Sep-08 Kara Laing